Style & Colors for any Décor

Please review many of the color and accent combinations shown in the pictures... However do not hesitate to contact your local hearth dealer or our sales staff for further information.

Model Colors - Classic

Painted (Metallic Finish): Black, Blue, Moss Green, Brown, Honey Glow Brown
Painted (Matte Finish): Satin Black, Forrest Green, Golden-Fire Brown

(Custom Painted Color Matching Available at Additonal Charge)

Porcelain Enamel: Ebony Black, Ivory, Burgundy Red, Majolica Brown, Thelin™ Green, Cobalt Blue Gnome and Parlour are available in porcelain enamel and painted finishes.

Porcelain Colors Options

Porcelain Enamel Ebony Black Porcelain Enamel Ivory Porcelain Enamel Burgundy Red Porcelain Enamel Majollica Brown Porcelain Enamel Thelin™ Green Porcelain Enamel Cobalt Blue
Porcelain Colors Options

Select A Color & Trim Below:

Ebony Black Nickel Trim Ebony Black Gold Trim Ivory Nickel Trim Ivory Gold Trim Burgundy Red Nickel Trim Burgundy Red Gold Trim Majollica Brown Nickel Trim Majollica Brown Gold Trim Thelin™ Green Nickel Trim Thelin™ Green Gold Trim Cobalt Blue Nickel Trim Cobalt Blue Gold Trim

Painted Colors Options

Metallic Black Metallic Blue Metallic Moss Green Metallic Brown Matte Black Forrest Green Goldenfire Brown Honey Glo Brown
Painted Colors Options

Select A Trim Selection Below:

Metallic Black Plain Metallic Black Nickel Accent Metallic Black Nickel Trim Metallic Black Gold Accent Metallic Black Gold Trim

* Please Note: Due to varies electronic screens, colors may vary slightly from original picture.