Technical Service

Installation Information - Information contained in the following download files is provided to assist in the installation and repair of current and some past production appliances.

Resources & Repair Manuals

Replacement Parts - The most common parts are available online for ordering for consumers. Please note that Thelin™ strongly recommend our products be installed and serviced by professionals certified by National Fireplace Institute (NFI) US. or Wood Energy Technical Training (WEET) Canada.

**** NOTE REGARDING MODEL SUPPORT: We do not have information regarding Thelin Stoves manufactured prior to 1992. Refer to the parts pages for Thelin Stoves and note the supported models.

Additional Tech Support is available by filling out the following e-mail form below. Include the model, manufacture & purchase date with a brief and accurate description of the issue you need assistance with. A technician will review the information and provide additional information or suggestions. Please include your phone number so we may reach you if necessary.

Please note: Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page provides instant answers to many common questions about our products.

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